Cardboard, you abundantly mundane material, what would we do without you? Or rather, what else can we do with you? We’ve already featured some interesting uses of cardboard including furniture, as a structural component, and even a coffin. So we’d like to add one more to the “things to do with cardboard” file, that of a… room?

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Finnish designers Esa Ruskeepää, Martti Kalliala and Martin Lukasczyk, took 720 sheets of 7mm corrugated cardboard, cut each one of them as per the detailed plans, and without any fixings or glue, stacked them together to create a really cool looking sound room for listening to music. The cardboard provides all the insulation required for this room. The design was originally done for a design contest by the University of Art and Design Helsinki and has won three other awards including one from Architectural Review.

+ Esa Ruskeepaa + Martin Lukasczyk + Martti Kalliala

Via Core77 Via The Cool Hunter