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Hovesepian’s origami-inspired shelter has made waves at shows like Dwell on Design, Open Borders, and the “Hobos to Street People” exhibition at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum. The shelter appeals to the homeless population, as it is easy to carry when folded down, lightweight, and virtually weather proof. When extended, it can sleep two people comfortably. Its angles provide both stability and installation, blocking out the harsh sun or cold rain.

The folded cardboard prototype has inspired use beyond the initial intention of a pop-up shelter for the homeless. With painted customization on the exterior of the structure’s folds, the Cardborigami fits in seamlessly in outdoor concerts or festivals, giving attendees a place to sleep without lugging tent poles and tools.

Hovespian is still looking for an investor to help distribute the Cardborigami shelters to the homeless. Perhaps the sale of the structures to the festival-going crowd can help yield enough profit to help the charitable intentions of the company.

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