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Usually wood is dried and treated before it is used to build a home, but not so with the Caretaker’s House by Invisible Studio. By felling the wood on site and putting it to use immediately, the design team has managed to construct a prototypical low cost home in a very short amount of time. And it is insulated to Passivehaus standards, meaning that it achieves exceptional energy efficiency.

Apart from mini steel piles, timber was used in all aspects of the construction, including insulation. Heating is provided by a stove, special joinery was used for the wet wood, and exposed copper pipes are used as faucets in the kitchen. Fresh, filled with daylight from the east, and open to the surrounding woods, this groundbreaking new home features a heavy north wall that provides the bulk of the home’s insulation.

+ Invisible Studio

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Images © Valerie Bennett via Invisible Studio