When Stonehedge was created, its builders used stones — making the space all about stone and light. Cycles and spirits. Seasons and sacrifice. Today, the “beings” that dominate our physical and energetic landscape are (arguably) cars. So it is no surprise that artist Jim Reinders has re-invented Stonehenge with scrap vehicles. The sculpture of sorts, which is fittingly called Carhenge, attracts thousands of worshippers — ahem, tourists — every year to its home in Alliance, Nebraska.

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Created in tribute to Reinders’ father, Carhenge features an ambulance and a pick-up truck amongst its 38 spiritualized cars. Each vehicle is placed in a position that mirrors an actual boulder of the real Stonehenge. The original Stonehenge is hypothesized to have been associated with cremation rituals and burial grounds. So perhaps this incarnation og the prehistoric monument will be the death of the car?

+ Jim Reinders

Via Atlas Obscura