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Floating House was created in response to a challenge issued by Paper Houses. The challenge called for architects and designers to address the UK’s underused waterways and the increasing problem of floods in residential areas.

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CTA’s Floating House design is adaptable so the home can be supported on a number of different structures, depending on the environment. The lightweight home could be built atop a solid base in a flood-plain, on piling, or on a floating base more similar to a houseboat. Inside the home, the living space is constructed of super-insulated timber, measuring approximately 46 feet long by 15 feet wide. Gardens have also been incorporated into the design, on the base as well as on the roof level.

The Floating House design comes from a different mindset about architecture, and  CTA intends to make the plans available for download from an open source website. In terms of construction, many options are available to potential homeowners, including 3D printing and CNC milling machines. The general idea is that the house could be built as components, either by the owner or subcontractors, and then the pieces could be assembled on site in just a couple of weeks.

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