The desert beaches of southern coast of São Paulo, Brazil, are places of inspiration for environmentally-sensitive architect and designer Carlos Motta. In the 1970’s he spent a lot of time at the beaches, collecting driftwood carried in on the tide. Today, in his office, in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Motta developes and produces furniture, sculpture, and architectural products all from recycled wood. Using driftwood, recycled wood from demolitions, pieces found in shores and rivers, as well as material certified by FSO, decreases the environmental footprint of his work.

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While currently a resident of São Paulo, Carlos Motta has spent a lot of time in California, in the 70’s and the 90’s to enhance his studies in woodwork and construction techiniques. Currently he is developing a architectural project for a horse breeding farm in San Francisco Bay, California. This coming April 17th, Motta will be the special guest representing the Brazilian Design in the opening of the Exposition about Brazil in the headquarters of the appraised Bijenkorf Store in Amsterdam, Holland. On May 24th Motta will kick off a solo exhibition at the Gallery Mandalian Paillard in Paris. The Paris exhibition will show fifteen pieces, ten specially drawn for this event. The gallery specializes in modern furniture and this is their first time showcasing a Brazilian designer.

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