Tired of peeling labels off of your fruit? The Brazilian advertising agency AGE Isobar has found a solution with its cubic mold, which presses a brand’s label into the surface of pieces of fruit. The mold is now the base for a juice company’s marketing campaign, and the results resemble a love child between Carmen Miranda and a box of LEGOs.

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Apparently someone at AGE Isobar thought it was a great idea to spend two years developing a way to naturally mimic the shape of Camp Nectar’s juice boxes. The solution ended up on the creepy side: over 1000 citrus fruits, apples, guavas and papayas were encased in plastic molds as they were ripening on their trees. The great Brazilian cubism artists like Anita Malfatti probably would have appreciated the square-shaped fruits, and in fact, the documented evidence suggests that the square-shaped guavas tasted and almost looked like the real thing.

The results are a dream for marketers looking for the next great promotional idea. The fruit ended up with the Camp logo naturally embossed on the front, and in the back, a straw, though we think it looks more like a painful goiter. Camp Nectar in turn distributed the bizarrely shaped fruit to select supermarkets to prove that indeed, its juice drinks were made from real fruit. No word on whether the plastic molds were recycled or repurposed, and actually, the funky embossed fruit still had stickers plunked on them in the event it was not clear this was a Camp Nectar product.

But was such a square fruit campaign really necessary? Brazil’s variety of fruit stretches way beyond açaí, and in an age when warehouse stores sell fruit in plastic cases, consumers are far removed from their food supplies. Considering the incredible array of fruit Brazil boasts, displays of this country’s natural, and beautiful bounty, could have made such a point as well.

Via PSFK, Springwise

Photos courtesy AGE Isobar