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The London-based artist’s beautiful portraits are a mash up of colored lines, shading and drizzles. Deep browns and shading are rendered in black coffee, its dark nature creating weighty stains on the page. Teas bring out the neutral palette of Griffiths’ faces and forms, while vodka dilutes brighter colors into hazy and gauzy hues.

The sustainable and unusual use of the brews and booze fosters Griffiths’ fantastical subjects. Each of his colorful portraits resembles a wood nymph or fairy, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy- with each blurred line. Floral and geometric touches are combined with delicate facial features of woodland beauties.

Griffiths’ liquor-colors also delve into the world of line, with complex abstractions that mesh the same color, line and blur that he treats his portraits with. The natural pigments of coffees, teas and alcohols lend to the undercurrent of Mother Nature within each of his pieces.

The beautiful pieces are currently part of a group show in Hong Kong entitled Trailblazers, curated by Coates & Scarry.

+ Carne Griffiths

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