Carnegie Wave Energy is planning to open the world’s first zero-emission wave powered desalination plant on Garden Island in Australia. Using the Perth company’s proprietary “CETO technology,” the two megawatt pilot project will operate with multiple submerged buoys tethered to pumps that funnel pressurized water to turbines onshore. There the water can either be harnessed to create electricity or to run and supply water for a reverse osmosis desalination plant.

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Named after a Greek goddess, the CETO wave power converters are the first to be fully submerged under water, keeping them safe from the effects of major storms and reducing visual impact. The project on Garden Island in Western Australia will be a grid-connected, commercial scale operation that will demonstrate the technology’s viability, record its interactions with the environment, and help provide fresh water in an accordance with the West Australia Water Corporation.

Desalination is an important part of Perth’s long-term strategy to maintain a supply of clean drinking water and the Carnegie Wave Energy technology will secure a means to provide this precious resource without relying upon energy-hungry machinery. Instead, by creating its own power, the CETO infrastructure can cut down on greenhouse gas emissions while also generating electrons and purified water. The project is expected to begin construction in 2014.

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