Did you know that a plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to break down? This designer has developed a process that turns those old plastic garbage bags into stable beautiful works of art. Carter Zufelt, an industrial designer currently based in Utah, began heavily focusing on the problem of plastic waste a couple years ago when he began his senior thesis. Through his research he found alarming statistics about the amount of plastic trash in the environment. Each year an estimated 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. Unfortunately, less than 5% of those plastic grocery bags are recycled in the U.S., which means that roughly 95,000,000,000 plastic bags are floating around the world every single year!

With this knowledge he began experimenting. Through extensive trial and error he refined his process and began consistently reducing plastic trash from the environment. He is now running a Kickstarter for a few of his unique pieces.

+ Mull on Kickstarter

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