The Casa V House is a smart and functional solution to an often ignored design problem– how to successfully integrate a home into a landscape. When dealing with steep terrain, the typical answer is just to suspend a box in the air, but architects Felipe Mesa (PlanB) and Giancarlo Mazzanti (Mazzanti Architects) decided to think differently. They tied the home elegantly to the slope, allowing for a shallow floor plate with plenty of light and a killer view of the pristine valley it overlooks near Bogotá, Columbia. Of course the real eye opener is the fantastic outdoor living space with a green roof and walk out deck to spend a pleasant afternoon on.

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The space has an angular masculine appeal, kind of like a concrete boulder, but the open and spacious roof and native garden in between the two levels soften the space. Although it has proper solar orientation, the space has a lot of unshaded windows which could lead to overheating in spring and fall. Nonetheless, the home looks to be nicely settled, with a carefully placed organic touch. The design is a thoughtful solution to building in difficult terrain, using its design constraints to its advantage and maximizing the living area as a result.

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