Although they may hold nostalgic value for some, cassette tapes are bulky, have poor sound quality, lack large format album artwork, and a stacked up collection of them just doesn’t have the je ne sais quoi as a crate full of vinyl. To keep this 80’s technology out of the landfill, ooomydesign has used old cassette tapes to create a series of gorgeous glowing lamps.

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Ooomydesign’s cassette tape lamps are linked together with plastic ties and are available in various sizes of floor and table lamps. The x-ray view in the lamps made from clear tapes is a really nice bonus, plus the disco ball-style sprinkling of light thrown on the wall from the wheel holes is really pretty cool. They can be purchased from the ooomydesign online shop, but designer Vanesa Moreno is also open to barter a lamp for those that want to send a collection of tapes. For your altruistic side, donations of tapes are also an option and would go towards making her vision of collection of cassette chairs, tables, and other furniture into a retro reality.

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