Our fearless founder Jill Fehrenbacher will be on the radio tomorrow morning, if you are interested in hearing the voices behind the words here at Inhabitat. Jill is going on the Lazy Environmentalist talk show on Lime’s Sirius Satellite radio station to talk about LEED and green building.

Monday October 8th: 11am-12noon

If any of you miss catching this live, and want to hear it, it will be downloadable from Lime’s website as a podcast after it airs.

Best known as the founder and CEO of Vivavi, and author of The Lazy Environmentalist Book, Josh Dorfman also wears the hat of a radio host with his show, The Lazy Environmentalist, where he regularly features some of our favorite cohorts and leaders in the burgeoning movement towards making sustainability sexy and cool.

With the tagline “Healthy Living With a Twist”, LIME has officially kicked off its new radio channel on SIRIUS Satellite Radio. The new channel is part of the overall launch of a new media venture – a multiplatform lifestyle brand for people interested in healthier, greener living. They also launched on TV, web, broadband, VOD, DVD, and wireless distribution platforms. Based in NYC, with several satellite locations, LIME can be heard from anywhere on channel 114 on SIRIUS radio.