The Philippines is the world’s third largest Catholic country and the largest in Asia, and it’s also been the site of numerous natural disasters in recent years. Church leaders there are on board with the conclusions Pope Francis laid out in his historic climate change encyclical last month, which pointed to human action as the root cause of global warming. Catholic leaders in the Philippines have promised to raise 10 million signatures—half of the goal—on a petition to be presented to global political leaders at their climate summit in Paris this fall.

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The petition is sponsored by the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM), a coalition of more than 140 Catholic groups around the world, and Pope Francis has endorsed the effort. Once 20 million signatures are collected, organizers hope the petition will persuade world leaders to take aggressive action against carbon emissions to keep the global temperature rise below the dangerous 1.5°C threshold. The petition also urges political leaders to enact policies that would help the world’s poorest to cope with climate change.

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With some 1.2 billion Catholics in the world, collecting 20 million signatures doesn’t sound like such a daunting task. The Philippines are taking on a huge slice of the pie, however, since the country’s total population sits at just around 100 million. Church leaders have pledged to collect 10 million signatures—or 10 percent of the nation’s citizens—and there is just a brief window in which to reach that goal prior to the climate summit in November. Will this be the ‘bold cultural revolution’ the Pope insisted on?

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