Inhabitat reader deborah Sommers tells us how Alexandre Moronnoz’s new outdoor seating CCC (named after Champignon Carbone Capture, the material from which it is made) takes the concept of ‘green’ furniture a step further. This series of sculptural urban seating is made from  TX Active Cement. – a special kind of cement containing a photocatalyzer that expedites the natural oxidation process of pollutants found in both natural and artificial light and transforms them into less harmful compounds such as water, nitrates and carbon dioxide.

The seating’s organic shape is inspired by nature, and could be interpreted as a large stone, tree trunk or log perfect for sitting, reflecting or simply breathing the fresh air. Furniture that not only serves its traditional functions but also takes an active role in improving our environment is just the kind of innovation we love to see at Inhabitat. Alexandre Moronoz’s CCC is a great example of the how original design can impact the world in which we inhabit.