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Levy comes from a background in graphic design and bookbinding, but turned to papier-mâché art after experimentation in 2009. She began by tearing apart the pages of an old book into small pieces and gluing them back together into three-dimensional unvarnished objects. The yellowed pages of nearly century-old books are Levy’s choice medium, however, she has used other materials such as the glossy and colorful pages of comic books. “The book is recreated in a way, but takes on a new form,” says Levy. “The two-dimensional becomes three-dimensional. The process is slow and meditative.”

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Levy’s Spiderman series were commissioned by a Uppsala preschool and library. Created primarily for children, these layered sculptures are much more colorful than her typical artworks. The series includes teacups, saucers, a milk jug, sugar cubes, and a teapot. Her color composition and arrangement preserve the excitement and sense of drama found in the comic book series.

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