The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and that means picnics, barbequeing, and of course, fireworks! Disenchanted by the wire waste of traditional fireworks and Chinese lanterns, Chris Burton invented an eco-friendly way to celebrate with just as much spark. Called Sky Orbs, these colorful lamps can help make for a eco-friendly and sustainable Fourth of July celebration.

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Intrigued by the Chinese lanterns that people were setting off at a party, Burton decided he could make them even better. By removing the lamp’s wire frame, Burton wanted to make a sustainable and safer lamp — as the wires can spark fires or endanger feet once the lamp is burned. Chinese lanterns alternatively can float out of view, dropping the waste wires virtually anywhere, endangering humans and animals.

Burton found a substitute for the wire using fireproof wool. Both biodegradable and environmentally friendly, Burton also developed a safe non-drip fuel cell to light them up.

Sky Orbs come in a multitude of colors and shapes, and look like lit parachutes that can float higher than 1,500 feet! The average Orb burns for about 7 minutes, and depending on the weather conditions, can drift for up to a mile.

Sky Orbs are hand made in China, using organic glue made from rice and sweet potatoes, and recycled wax from Buddhist temples for the fuel cells. The new eco-entrepreneur’s Sky Orbs can now be found online and in retailers all across the UK.

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