The 2010 edition of CES is in full effect in Las Vegas and with it all of the latest gadgets, gizmos and technologies ranging from automotive to internet and wireless. Walking the floor it was clear that green tech is definitely making its way into the mainstream consumer companies more and more. There is an entire pavilion here at CES dedicated to sustainable technologies and products, but peppered throughout the wireless world and innovation areas of the show greener products and services were being demonstrated. Read on for some of the cool green tech that caught my eye on this first day of the show!

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From solar chargers for iPhones and Blackberrys to phone and audio accessories made from recycled materials, to programs aimed at dealing with all of our e-waste, there are companies out there creating ways to partake in this digital wonderland while leaving a slightly smaller footprint on our planet.

Solargenix provides a variety of solar powered alternatives to charging iPhones, Blackberrys and laptops with their form-fitting device sleeves and backpacks. They also manufacture generic solar charged batteries that can be used to charge cameras and other electronics using USB technology.

This super cool hybrid charger by Miniwiz is capable of charging your gadgets using the wind or the sun’s rays.

Left: While not an actual gadget, Recellular provides a way to recycle or reuse our unwanted mobile phones. They work with large companies to implement phone recycling programs – 60% of phones are refurbished and resold in secondary markets and the rest are recycled using zero–landfill policies!

Right: Miniwiz unveiled their Dynamo Hub power generator, which attaches to any bike and uses human power to collect energy that can be used to charge most 5 volt devices like cell phones, iPods, etc.

Eco Nation designs and manufactures iPod accessories (such as speakers and headphones) made from recycled materials.

Left: OrigAudio provides portable speakers made from recycled materials.

Right: NAVTEQ, the leading provider of digital map data, has a product called Green Streets which enable navigation software and device manufactures to provide eco-routing, eco-driving, predictive cruise control and hybrid vehicle regeneration opportunities. This type of data enables applications to economize fuel and carbon emissions.

The Miniwiz booth was made from their Polli-Bricks, which are made from recycled polymer and were lit up for the show using a special LED lighting system. Strong, lightweight and naturally insulated, these blocks provide a great alternative to conventional building materials

Miniwiz showcased their solarbulbs – cool solar powered LED lamps that easily screw onto any bottle, turning it into a standing lamp!

Powerstrips aren’t the sexiest gadgets, but this one by Bits Unlimited is really smart and reduces the amount energy wasted when electronics are plugged in all the time. It has a control outlet (plug your computer into this one), a switched outlet (for any device that needs the computer to be connected to work), and always-on outlets. The idea is that when the control outlet isn’t being used (like when your computer is asleep or powered off), the switch outlets turn off as well.

Freelux has created an outlet that allows you to use CFL light bulbs with lamps that have dimmers. It’s perfect for those trying to make the switch from incandescent bulbs to greener and more energy-efficient CFLs!

Place the Freelux light sensor in a sunny window, plug in your lamp, and it will automatically turn it on when day turns to dusk.