Afterteasing the vehicle earlier this week, Ford has just unveiled its first all-electric passenger car! The model is a zero-emissions, all-electric version of the company’s most popular small car, the Focus. Exact numbers are not yet available for fuel economy and driving range, but the performance of the Focus Electric will be comparative to that of the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf — hit the jump for the full story with photos!

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Ford says the vehicle is designed to cover enough range to meet the daily driving requirements for most Americans (previously, a Ford spokesperson said the driving range would be around 100 miles). The car will get a better mile-per-gallon equivalent than the Chevy Volt, which averages 93 mpg when running all-electric, and a full recharge of the lithium-ion battery pack is expected to take three to four hours at home with the 240-volt charge station — that’s about half the time required by the Nissan Leaf. Car owners can also charge the car with the 120-volt convenience cord, which could require up to 20 hours for a full charge.

To help owners achieve the lowest possible utility rates, Ford teamed up with Microsoft to offer value charging through Hohm, an internet-based energy management system. Ford is the first automaker to use Hohm, which will help drivers determine when and how to most efficiently charge the Focus Electric.

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Eco-friendly materials like bio-foam seat cushions and recycled fabrics were used in the Focus Electric’s interior, and the vehicle boasts a slew of cool information systems that help drivers achieve maximum energy efficiency. The company tweaked its in-car communications system, MyFord Touch, to allow owners to see eco-information like the battery’s charge, the distance to the nearest charge point, and the impact of vehicle systems like air conditioning.

On the EcoGuide system, blue butterflies represents the car’s fuel efficiency – the more butterflies, the greater the range. The map-based navigation system coaches drivers on the most energy-efficient route. At the end of each trip, the guide provides drivers with their energy consumption and gasoline savings.

A specially developed MyFord Touch mobile app allows drivers to maintain constant contact with the car. Drivers can remotely program charge settings, receive alerts when the car requires or finishes charging, and even heat or cool the vehicle.

The Focus Electric will officially launch later this year.