CES 2011 is giving way to an array of energy efficient designs this year, but beyond the staggering advances in flat screen TVs and super-fine camera lenses, there are a handful of companies keeping things a little more practical. Making its debut at CES today, IDAPT revealed their i1 Eco dual Universal Charger. The compact IDAPT i1 Eco is not only made from recycled materials, but it meets Energy Star standards with an auto-off system energy conserving mechanism, and minimizes a user’s carbon footprint while charging most electronic devices. With two points of charge, a USB port and a tip port, the device aptly considers future developments in technology, while making it compatible with over 4,000 devices on the market today. The IDAPT i1 Eco will be available in Spring 2011, and is already a CES Innovations award honoree.