What if all our electronics had plugs that detected how much voltage and power a device needed and only drew that much from the grid? That’s exactly what the designers at Green Plug have created – a smart universal ‘Green Power Processor’ that uses less energy than analog power supplies. Debuting at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, this little green innovation completely eliminates the issue of vampire power.

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The device was displayed at CES Las Vegas, where according to Green Plug it could “digitize power supplies making them smart enough to work with multiple devices and draw only the power that electronics need.” The Green Power Processor is not so much a plug, but a chip that is designed for digital power supplies and is meant to be more versatile and efficient than existing analog power adapters. Green Plug believes the device could be an ideal way to improve at home energy efficiency by converting alternating currents from the grid into the direct current that electronics use.

“Chip makers and power supply manufacturers now have the technology they need to undertake the transition from clunky black bricks and wall warts to sleek, efficient digital power adapter architectures capable of exchanging information between the power source and the load and adjusting power use according to product need,” Green Plug CEO Frank Paniagua said in a statement.

The device is expected to be available the second quarter of 2011.

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