There’s no reason to let your couch kick your butt into an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. Designed for Italian furniture manufacturer Campeggi, Tobias Fraenzel’s “Champ” lets you show your sofa who’s boss. This multi-faceted chair which made its debut at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair not only affords a comfy cushion to park your tired glutes, but also features a neat modern design that provides a discreet outlet for you to get your daily workout!

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A couch potato, no more! Champ starts off as a compact sofa, which can easily be transformed into an upright punching bag. Kick it, punch it, charge it head-on, Champ will take it all on in stride. A design full of function and wit, Champ is a shining example of smart design.

+ Tobias Fraenzel

Via Treehugger