Picture this scene: You are driving to work, but your cell phone battery dies leaving you without a connect. But as an environmentally conscious individual who is unwilling to use your car cigarette lighter as a power source (or perhaps your car doesn’t have one), what do you do? Never fear, for there is now a solar powered charger for electronics that sticks directly to your front windshield, absorbing the sun’s rays to give any gadget a green jump.

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Developed by Quirky, and called Ray, the solar powered charger comes with a powerful suction cup and a tilting kickstand that allows a driver to angle the device to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. The charger also features a battery that can store enough energy to completely recharge an average cell phone.

The plastic charger also boasts a USB port that allows a variety of devices to be linked up, and a LED indicator light indicates the status of the battery attached. The device is also not limited to your car – you can also use it on a plane or simply at home.

Whether you are on the road, in flight or simply hanging around in the garden, you’ll now be able to charge up your devices on the go, and as greenly as possible.

+ Quirky