ChargePoint just unveiled the first public electric vehicle charging station in Washington, D.C. as part of Coulomb Technologies‘ $37 million ChargePoint America program. The program was paid for in part by a $15 million DOE grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and it aims to install more than 500 charging stations in the District of Columbia area as part of a nationwide effort that will add 4,600 free charging stations over the next two years.

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The charge station was installed at the Franklin D. Reeves Center located at 2000 14th Street, in northwest DC by PEPCO and Coulomb distributor NovaCharge, LLC. The objective of the ChargePoint America program is to accelerate the development and production of electric vehicles to substantially reduce petroleum consumption, reduce greenhouse gas production, and create jobs.

The ChargePoint Network is designed to be open to all drivers of electric plug-in vehicles and all manufacturers of plug-in vehicle charging stations. The charging stations will include the ability for a station owner to set fees for use of their stations (including free charging or access via contactless credit cards), they are smart grid compatible, and they have a system that lets smart phone users find unoccupied stations and navigate to them.

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said in a statement that, “the hundreds of electric vehicle charging stations coming to Washington, D.C. highlight the important role our nation’s capital will have in the clean energy economy of the future.” “The ChargePoint America program is bringing networked charging infrastructure to communities across the United States,” said Richard Lowenthal, CEO at Coulomb Technologies. “We’re bringing jobs to these communities right now and a burgeoning industry for the future; and of course ChargePoint America gives the people of Washington DC a new transportation fuel choice.”

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