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Completed in the summer of 2012, the Matchbox House in Ann Arbor has a compact footprint and is landscaped using only indigenous plant species that require absolutely zero irrigation. Low-flow toilets, faucets and shower heads further contribute to the overall aim of conserving water resources.

A 2kw solar system provides energy for the home, which is fitted with only energy star rated appliances, glazed windows, and an on-demand water heating system. The home is also exceptionally well insulated. The outside deck is comprised of recycled content and all of the trimming is also reclaimed, while any new timber used for the cabinets, flooring and staircase is FSC-certified. There’s more, but let’s just say we’d be very surprised if BAU doesn’t hit Platinum with this lovely design.

+ Bureau of Architecture and Urbanism

Via CubeMe

Photography by Steve Maylone & BAU