What if instead of moving your plants during the day or depending on the season, they moved themselves to find the optimal position in your flat? That situation could soon be a reality, thanks to a new prototype designed and built by Xiaolong Mu. Mu’s “Chasing Sunlight” pots have light sensors and motorized wheels that enable plants to move on their own to reach optimal lighting.

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The project debuted this year at the ITP Winter Show in New York and promises to transform home plants into creatures of action. According to Mu, the pots enable plants to live like mammals or insects and to “run and have their own desires.” In daytime, four light sensors guide the pot towards the brightest source, and roll it back into the shade when evening falls.

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The design could create an opportunity for people to build their own easy-to-assemble mobile planters. Mu sees the project evolving into a design based on a simple DIY Arduino kit, which could create dynamic living spaces buzzing with intelligent behavior.

+ Xiaolong Mu

Via The Creators Project

Lead image via Shutterstock