Designer Saran Yen’s new series of furniture takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the battle of the classes. Using recycled plastic baskets and cast off chair legs, the installation “Cheap Ass Elites” combines the mass-produced with the glitzy. The series at first glance, painted with bright metallics, looks luxe, upon closer inspection we see the rather inexpensive reclaimed plastic materials used.

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Laundry and shopping baskets are items associated with the lower and working classes, as the elite hire individuals to perform these mundane tasks. Using these discarded plastic baskets, Yen created a series of chairs that are thought to be regal, and associated with the upper class. With Louis armchairs and Ottoman chairs serving as inspiration, the resulting seating represents a clash of the classes – something “high” made of something “low.”

The juxtaposition of plastic (rather than high quality wood) with sophisticated design is simple yet effective in portraying Yen’s message. Haves versus have-nots, good taste versus bad taste. Yen dreams of an idealistic society where classes merge, and Cheap Ass Elites is a sarcastic representation of this wish.

The Thai designer is studying in the Storytellng Department of Graphic Design and Illustration at Stockhom’s Konstfack Design School.

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