Edifice Upstate is a design and build agency in the west Catskills who create affordable solar-powered homes. It was founded by New York-based award-winning architecture and design studio Marc Thorpe Design. They partnered with local builders and sustainable technology companies. Edifice Upstate created an easy way to build sustainable homes that are move-in ready with integrated sustainable technology.

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A black square house sitting in the middle of a forest area

The first 1,000 square-feet Edifice home will be completed this summer 2022. 

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“We believe that we need to take responsibility for our energy consumption by taking control of our own power,” the designers said. “We focus on quality not quantity. Our goal is to build a future systemically integrated with nature for ourselves, our children and future generations.”

A square opening has a black chair sitting on it open to the landscapes

Edifice is built on the values of individuality and self-reliance. So you’ll see design elements that set Edifice homes apart from cookie-cutter, solar-powered modern homes.

“This architecture is systemically connected to the environment through ecologically sustainable technology and infrastructure, self-sustaining and independent,” said Marc Thorpe. “Edifice Upstate is an architecture of responsibility and respect for our environment and ourselves.”

A chair sits in front of a bookshelf area beside a large square window

On the other hand, solar power for Edifice homes is created by Solar Generation. From the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York, Solar Generation created solar solutions for homeowners for years. Solar Generation President Paul spent the majority of his 20-year professional life in the renewable energy and cleantech industries He worked on making solar solutions more affordable and mainstream to combat climate change. The company wants to make going solar easy and affordable. As a result, they created solar projects for Edifice and in the Hudson Valley.

A small black fireplace area with seating and a black rug

They were awarded the 2021 Green Good Design Award from the European Center for Architecture. Furthermore, they received the Art Design and Urban Studies and American Architecture Award.

A closet space to an empty wooden room

Inside, the houses are quite simple. There is a kitchen and bar seating at one end of an open living space with wood stove and seating with simple bathrooms. Exteriors are a dark stained wood with block shape and large pane windows, creating a simple but contemporary take on a small home. The flat roof of each home is packed with solar panels, but hidden from street view. It’s everything a small family needs, and a flexible layout to meet the needs of anyone and everyone.

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Images via Truetopia and Peter Crosby