James Lawler is a man who goes after what he wants. Or rather, he builds it. Lawler, a landscaper from Torquay, Australia, enjoys traveling and camping so much that he decided to build his own motorhome—on top of his Toyota Prius. The whole project cost Lawler less than $150 and gave him the perfect tent alternative for his travels.

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Lawler was looking for a little place to sleep while traveling, and he wanted to upgrade from a tent on the ground. It’s hard to guess whether building a motorhome on top of his hybrid car was his first thought, but it’s the one he decided to pursue. Lawler built the adorable contraption in about a week from salvaged materials. It has a pitched tin roof, a chimney, stained glass window, and even a cute windchime.

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Although Lawler has already taken one trip with his tiny hybrid motorhome—to a music festival—it’ll be a while before he’s on the road again. Evidently, the local police didn’t feel the structure is legal, and issued a fine for the vehicle modifications.

The whole project cost Lawler less than $150, which is a real steal for a mobile home of any kind—even the kind that leaks, like this one. Lawler admits, “I would like to build a caravan along the same style but a bit more water tight.”

Via Treehugger

Images via Mitch Bear/Herald Sun