California-based Greatfill makes zero waste easy. With a variety of refillable household products, the company’s focus is on health for the home, humans and the environment.

Natural ingredients 

Greatfill crafts small batches of eco-friendly hand wash, body wash, dish soap, multipurpose cleaner and laundry detergent. All products include naturally-derived ingredients and pure essential oils. The ingredients list is proudly displayed on the website and the bag. You can expect to see things like sodium laureth sulfate (derived from coconuts), glycerin (plant derived conditioner), cocamidopropyl betaine (derived from coconuts), sodium chloride (mineral salt) and maltodextrin (plant based moisturizer), among others.

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Zero waste

Each product comes with a stainless steel bottle in the initial starter kit. Available in an assortment of timeless colors, the bottles are infinitely reusable and come with a lifetime warranty. 

With a durable food-grade steel bottle at the foundation, Greatfill eliminates the copious plastic spray and pump bottles that are ubiquitous in the home product market. Not only does this promote a solution for plastic waste, but the steel bottles pair with the company’s reusable refill pouches. Greatfill refill pouches are a bulk option, supplying between four and six refills per bag. Rather than disposing of them, however, the company makes it easy to ensure they stay out of the landfill. With your initial order, Greatfill sends a postage-paid envelope. After you collect five empty refill pouches, simply drop them into the envelope and return them to the company, where they will be sterilized and reused. 

Greatfill said, “We’re the only company in the U.S. that offers a completely zero-waste solution for consumers, businesses and institutions.”

While the zero waste aspect benefits the planet all along the supply chain, the health-conscious products focus on maintaining a safe environment within the home. In addition to using natural ingredients, all products are vegan friendly and are never tested on animals.

Giving back

The company’s mission is: “To eliminate single-use plastic by making refilling convenient, affordable and fun.” The inspiration came from the realization that recycling isn’t working as a sustainable solution for plastic waste. Greatfill reported, “Over two billion plastic bottles end up in our oceans and landfills every year,” making environmental protections a priority for the company. To support this goal, Greatfill is a member of 1% for the Planet where 1% of sales funnel to charities working to preserve and maintain oceans, rivers and lakes.

Greatfill products can currently be ordered online and will soon be coming to retail stores where you can refill pouches yourself. 

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Personal review of Greatfill products

I was blessed to receive samples from the company to try out for review. Cofounder and CEO Mika Peterman was quick to respond to all requests and a package arrived a few days later. I was pleasantly surprised to see zero unnecessary packaging and a recyclable box. 

Inside the package was a gorgeous steel mossy/sage green bottle for the body wash and a body wash refill pouch, a lovely pink steel bottle for the multipurpose cleaner and a refill pouch, an informational pamphlet about Greatfill’s “fill-osophy,” products, efforts to reduce waste, involvement in environmental causes and finally a pre-paid envelope for returning used refill pouches after use. 

Greatfill body wash

We’ve moved our bottle of body wash around the house a few times, allowing the family to try it out at the kitchen sink and in the shower. The consensus is it has a pleasing scent and performs well. Personally, I like that it has a thick consistency so it stays on your hand until you’re ready to use it. The Citrus + Fir scent is appropriately named. I pick up on a subtle citrus balanced with a slight pine fragrance. The scent does not linger on the skin, which I appreciate as I am highly scent sensitive. I will note the product can make the shower floor slippery, although I’m not sure this is any more prevalent than with other types of liquid soaps. Overall, I’m in love with the bottle and the fact that it’s refillable with zero waste. 

Greatfill multi-purpose cleaner

This one is easy to review. I love everything about this product. Mildly scented, the Grapefruit + Mandarin offers freshness without any heavy or fake scents (again, thank you). Moreover, it simply does its job. In a household with three kids and seven domestic pets, I can say I’ve put it through the ringer. From cleaning up dog vomit to scrubbing out the refrigerator, wiping messes off the front of appliances and disinfecting the sink, Greatfill brought its A-Game. I haven’t put any of these surfaces under a microscope so I can’t attest to its sterilizing performance, but I can say it’s done what it’s supposed to do: clean multiple-surfaces.

It’s worth adding that I’ve reviewed many natural cleaning products and mostly love them all, for different reasons. However, I’ve found some to leave behind a film, be difficult to proportion correctly, or lead with an overwhelming smell. Greatfill carries none of these burdens and it comes in an endlessly reusable (and gorgeous) spray bottle. I’ve used it multiple times each day for over two weeks and haven’t yet used up a bottle so I expect a refill bag to last around three to four months. I’m sure for lower-use consumers it could easily stretch to six months per pouch.

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Editor’s Note: This product review is not sponsored by Greatfill. All opinions on the products and company are the author’s own.