Michelin-starred chef Andoni Luis Aduriz is working on an innovative app that would allow customers to smell their food before ordering. Using an attachment called Scentee, food lovers will be able to read menus, see pictures and actually smell samples of Aduriz’s exquisite menu – all from their smartphones.

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Scentee has been used already with an app called Hana Takiniku, which emits food smells for users trying to stay on a diet. Taking this diet app as inspiration, Chef Aduriz hopes to draw customers to his restaurant Mugaritz in Spain. Customers with the Scentee attachment will be able to peruse the menu, and get bursts of delicious fragrances as they look through corresponding food items. They could then use social sharing apps to share the best smelling dishes with their friends.

The small Scentee attachment looks like an external camera that plugs into the headphone jack of iPhones and most Android phones. The attachment adds a new sense to the smart phone experience, mixing smell with visual, sound and touch. Aside from Aduriz’ forthcoming app, the Scentee itself comes with rose, strawberry, coffee, lavender and rosemary scents.

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