Recent speculation that the giant oil spill off the coast of Brazil was caused by Chevron has been confirmed. Since last week’s satellite images revealed the spill to be nearly 10 times bigger than expected, the international oil tycoon has admitted to causing the rupture earlier this month and is vowing to clean it up immediately. George Buck, Chief Operating Officer for the Brazilian division of Chevron told the press yesterday that the company “takes full responsibility for this incident” and “any oil on the surface of the ocean is unacceptable to Chevron.”

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The leak began November 7th when the company underestimated the pressure in an underwater reservoir, Buck says. The slick, floating about 230 miles off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, is not yet threatening the coast line, but is drifting in the opposite direction out to sea.

With a possible 110,000 gallons of oil already spilled, Chevron reports that they successfully plugged the rupture on Thursday. The company still estimates 420 to 4,200 gallons of oil that will rise to the Atlantic’s surface in the next few weeks. Buck claims a fleet of 18 Chevron boats are motoring through the slick on rotation to break it up while others are slowly collecting it from the surface. Brazilian authorities are saying the company will face fines upwards of $5.5 million so far.

via Huffington Post