If you think the ailing auto industry is still in need of a spark, we’ve got good news — during a recent visit from President Barack Obama to their Hamtramck Auto Plant in Michigan, General Motors announced that they will be increasing production of the Chevy Volt by an impressive 50% in 2012 to meet increasing customer demand. GM, which will begin taking customer orders for the Volt this week, also announced that new purchases will encompass an amazing vehicle and battery warranty, assuring customers that owning an extended-range electric vehicle comes with a guarantee of safety and reliability.

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GM’s announcement to increase production is proof that extended-range EVs are indeed the vehicle of  the near future. President Obama also applauded the Hamtramck GM plant is part of the reason why the US economy has been on an upswing. He noted the US auto industry had hired 55,000 workers over the last year, making a mark with the most job growth in the auto industry in over a decade.

The Volt is an American designed, American made automotive innovation that gives thanks to GM’s $700 million investment in its Michigan factories, which both design and manufacture all the parts of the vehicle. The company has put a lot of faith in its new EV, backing it with a great warranty. Customers will be able to breathe easy knowing that this car is going to last them a long time.

But we also think the success can be attributed to GM’s homegrown history and the President has recognized that fact himself. While addressing the crowd at the Hantramck plant he noted, “You’re producing the cars of the future right here at this plant, producing cars that are going to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. This car right here doesn’t need a sip of gasoline for 40 miles and then keeps on going after that!

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