As part of its SolarCurrents program to encourage energy customers to install enough solar arrays to produce 15 megawatts of green electricity in southeast Michigan, Detroit Edison has invested $3 million in this 516-kilowatt solar array on the roof of the Chevrolet Volt factory in Detroit suburb Hamtramck. GM announced the measure will save the company $15,000 per year in energy costs and help further green the Volt. It’s not clear how much money DTE will save on the deal, however. The simple $15,000 per year savings would take 200 years to recoup with this investment, so there must be other savings at work in this 246,000-square-foot project that DTE has not mentioned.

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Also a little less than brag-worthy is GM’s statement that it is “one of the leading users of renewable energy in the manufacturing sector, deriving energy for manufacturing operations from solar, hydro, and landfill gas resources. In the United States alone, 1.4 percent of GM energy consumption comes from renewable resources.” Did you catch that? One point four percent. That has a ways to go, too, before the numbers impress anyone. Still, all baby steps in the right direction, and as energy costs rise this investment may prove to pay off sooner than expected.

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