Hot on the heels of the launch of New York City’s new bike-sharing program, Chicago officials announced this weekend that the Windy City will kick off a bike-sharing program of its own by the end of June. The program, known as “Divvy,” will ultimately include 4,000 bikes that will be parked at 400 solar-powered hubs spread throughout downtown Chicago and the surrounding neighborhoods. At an event this weekend, transportation officials showed off the three-speed Divvy bikes, which will be painted light blue and feature upright handlebars.

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The bike-sharing program has the potential to greatly increase bike ridership in a city that is already known for its bike friendliness. Divvy membership will cost $75 per year, and members will be issued a key that will give them the ability to unlock bikes from the solar-powered bike docking stations. The city will begin setting up and stocking those stations in June, and by the end of the month there will be about 75 bike-sharing stations with about 10 bikes stationed at each one. For visitors and casual users who don’t want to commit to the year-long membership, 24-hour passes will cost $7.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the first 75 bike-share stations to be set up next month will be strategically located near rapid transit stations. The idea is that users will be able to use the bikes in conjunction with other modes of transportation, starting or completing a longer trip with a Divvy bike. The one-size-fits-all bikes will feature headlights and taillights that will automatically illuminate when the bike is riden. “They are super comfortable to ride,” Chicago Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein told the Tribune. “You can wear a suit and feel totally fine, like you are not going to get it dirty.”

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