A great sustainable feature that will bring a sparkle to any room, these N+ew Lights by Rodrigo Alonso have been created with a rotomolding technique employing e-waste. The Chilean designer gets his raw materials from local recycling company, Recycla, who donates the e-waste to him free of charge. A modern design with just the right bit of kitsch, they are yet another exciting sustainable product coming out of Latin America.

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If you’ve ever wondered where old, obsolete electronics end up, you can breathe a slight sigh of relief knowing that at least some of it actually gets recycled into brilliant, new products like these speckled lights. Dubbed N+ew Lights — which stands for ‘No More Electronic Waste’ — in addition to being made from recycled e-waste, they were made using a recycled iron mold and even boast a recycled smelted aluminum base.

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+ Rodrigo Alonso

Photo © Rodrigo Alonso