Just as President Obama announced his goal of placing one million electric cars on U.S. roads by 2015, China has announced plans to manufacture 1 million per year by 2015. According to an article from the state-run People’s Daily, new plans for the auto industry, to be published soon, are going to make electric and hybrid cars a national priority.

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In the long run, China has said that it is hoping to manufacture 100 million new cars and buses each year by 2020. The country has pledged to invest more than 100 billion yuan over the next 10 years to make China into the world’s producer of alternative energy vehicles.

While a move towards more fuel-efficient cars is a step in the right direction, China is still heavily dependent on coal for its electricity. While EVs pollute less than their internal combustion engine counterparts, it is imperative that China invest more money in clean energy sources to curtail emissions in the long run.

Via Guardian.UK