China just secured its position as the world leader in solar power by installing a record 3 gigawatts of utility-scale solar power. The nation has constructed 40 new solar plants (with over 1 GW of production capacity) since December 2012, surpassing Germany as top solar producer in the world. China now operates an astounding 132 utility-scale solar plants.

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Increases in solar power production since December have brought the worldwide total to nearly 15 GW of utility-scale power. New solar projects account for about 3.75 GW of power added, and China’s contribution accounts for over a quarter of that amount.

In 2011 China increased its solar power production goal to 15 GW by 2015. It’s still an ambitious goal, but now that they’ve leapfrogged Germany as top producer, it seems that they are well on their way. Add to that the fact that Chinese homes and businesses are also going solar with rooftop solar-power production systems, and China clearly just became the new solar heavyweight.

Via Cleantechnica

Images from Wiki-Solar and IntelFreePress