Urban planning seems to have taken a turn for the worse in the Chinese city of Xi’an after a brand new set of modern apartments was constructed right in the middle of an eight-lane superhighway. Residents of the previous building were uprooted to make room for a planned public park and the promise of a new place to live. Problem is, an massive highway was slated for construction in the exact same place.

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The relocated residents were able to enjoy their new homes for a few months before the council came around and asked them to move once again. This time, however, the citizens weren’t so happy to oblige and refused the paltry compensation offered to them. After so much money was spent on the public park, apartment complex and a brand new superhighway, you can imagine there wasn’t much left to offer.

In the face of resistance, the council decided to go ahead with the eight-lane highway regardless, building around the new blocks of flats and reducing the road to four lanes so it could weave its way through. This left the homes of hundreds of residents sitting right in the path of oncoming traffic, and even though the road was meant to relieve congestion, it has so far had little effect.

Despite the many troubles they faced, inhabitants of the noise-polluted thoroughfare are standing their ground according to one resident, Shing Su, who told The Daily Mail“We don’t exactly like being stuck out in the middle of a 60 metre-wide highway, but you get used to it. If they make a decent offer most would move, but it’s hard as it seems we had only settled here when we were asked to move.”

Nor is this the first time we’ve seen something like this in China, although the Nail House in the middle of a highway in Zhejiang Province (pictured above) was eventually demolished.

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Lead image by Daily Mail