China is creating a new high-speed train route that is so blazing fast it can take people 1,100 miles from Shanghai to Guangzhou in just 7 hours. That’s like traveling from Los Angeles to Seattle in as many hours. China is no stranger to high-speed travel – the country also opened a high-speed rail in 2012 between Beijing and Guangzhou that covers 1,400 miles in 8 hours.

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Shanghai has become a thriving city in China with over 23 million people, making it important economically as a major seaport and megacity, so high-speed rail makes sense. In fact, high-speed rail is exploding across the country, not just Shanghai. Over 30 rail routes were opened in China over one week last month.

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China has some seriously dense populations, with tons of people concentrated in a small area. High-speed rails are a smart move, helping to eliminate the need for major roads and freeways. High-speed rail isn’t perfect, however. It is only the greenest solution if it uses a green energy source and consistently travels with high occupancy, but it is still an excellent move towards a greener country.

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