China a world leader in clean vehicle production?  Well, that’s the aim. As China moves to reduce their swelling greenhouse gas emissions, the central government has announced they will commit 1.5billion dollars annually to developing the electric vehicle industry over the next ten years. Kicking off the program in Shenzhen — one of the fastest growing cities in the world — the government has just put a trial electric taxi project in play. If successful, the program will result in half a million electric vehicles and plugins throughout the country by 2015.

The successful implementation of this program will be no simple feat. Supporting infrastructure requires development as it is reported charging stations and repair shops can be difficult to find, and although subsidised, the e-taxi still costs 80% more than the regular carbon emitting Volkswagon Santana taxis.

Time will tell about the acceptance and future roll out of this program. But next time you’re in Shenzhen, look out for the red and white stripe e-taxi and give it some of your support.

Via Reuters