What do you look for when choosing a luxury hotel – a gym? A swimming pool? How about the ability to launch over 30 aircraft at an enemy country? If you said yes to all of the above, then China’s latest investment could be for you. The country has purchased the Kiev, a 1,000 foot vessel that was the pride of the Soviet Navy during the 1980s, and turned it into the world’s first luxury aircraft carrier hotel.

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Sold to Tianjin International Recreation Port in 2000, the Kiev has been transformed into a world-class floating hotel with 148 room – including two presidential suites, three VIP guest rooms and 137 standard rooms. Since it was purchased over a decade ago, the Kiev has also been upgraded with a luxury restaurant – something the original crew would have no doubt killed for.

The aircraft carrier is the perfect getaway for those looking for an out-of-the-ordinary retreat – but do note that you will not be able to travel on the renovated ship. During service time as a hotel, the Kiev will remain permanently docked in the harbour. It’s a bizarre end to the ship’s career, which first began in December 1972 when it was launched to serve as part of the Soviet Northern Fleet. The ship will begin to receive visitors at the end of January. It’s strange to think that a ship that was once a weapon of war is now a place of relaxation and fine dining.

Via China Daily