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BYD, which is 10 percent owned by billionaire investor Warren Buffett is a growing enterprise that has already established itself as a leading green automaker in China. Not shy about their aspirations, founder Wang Chuan-Fu relays, “Our dream is a zero-carbon, zero-emission ecosystem ‘template’ that we can create to run our cars and our homes, our business and all our transportation.” He continues, “This can be accomplished with long-range fast-charging affordable electric and dual-mode vehicles and all-electric buses and taxis from BYD.”

As it stands, their e6 Premeir EV promises a range of around 200 miles, twice as much as the Nissan Leaf, and a top speed of 87 mph. But keeping in mind that the model on show in Detroit is still a work in progress, BYD says the e6 will be significantly redesigned. The new iteration will feature a more attractive interior and a motor able to capture a wider range. In addition to the e6, BYD is showing a new dual-mode electric S6DM sport utility vehicle and promoting their K9 bus, which promises a more than 155-mile range on a single charge.

Last year, the automaker announced plans to build a U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles, and they have already begun to test out their first fleet of EVs in the golden state. Reports suggest the vehicle will be sold at $35,000, and that their F3DM plug-in hybrid, already on sale in China, will also make its way into the US in 2012.