The new campus of Dongguan University of Technology will soon become a world-class research destination thanks to an award-winning design from 10 Design. Working with BIAD, 10 Design has created a plan for the campus that includes large facilities, laboratory spaces and residential areas. The design was created to exist in harmony with the natural landscape that surrounds it.

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A rendering of a large university spanning multiple buildings

Additionally, the campus is designed to be people-oriented and technology-driven. It is also sustainable and deeply rooted in the natural world around it with the idea to create a “knowledge park.”

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A large central courtyard within the university campus

Furthermore, the campus is built around a central courtyard. It provides areas for social interaction and exchange of information. Shared facilities and lab spaces are built around this central area. There are three buildings at the heart of the courtyard, providing space for lecture halls and multipurpose spaces.

A walkway that runs alongside the central courtyard of the university

There is also a shared colonnade here, linking the study areas with the residential section of the campus. On the east side of the campus, a large office and exhibition space provides amazing views of the outside world. Cascading gardens are built into the building’s frame, which is made to look like a window. At the top, there are incredible views of the Songshan Lake district.

A seating area that faces a courtyard and building that is part of the Dongguan University

However, the campus isn’t just a place to learn and live. When complete, this beautiful design will become a landmark. The flowing curves of the new campus mimic the natural lines of rivers and streams nearby. The buildings have organic shapes that fit seamlessly into the landscape.

A large square building that is cut out within

Lastly, the campus will serve to provide space for the great minds in the world. This is where new ideas will be born and come true. Hopefully, this model of integrating modern design into an ancient landscape will inspire the rest of the world.

+ 10 Design and BIAD

Images via 10 Design