China just solidified its position as a leader in renewable energy by installing the world’s highest wind farm! To accomplish the feat, Chinese energy developer Longyuan Power installed five wind turbines in Tibet at a height of 4,900 meters above sea level.

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Longyuan Power’s Tibetan turbine array is the first phase in a large project that will eventually consist of 33 turbines. The company has made impressive progress in recent years, which its total energy assets generating over 2.5 million MWh in July of this year – and in 2013 alone Longyuan Power increased its wind generation capacity by 36.8%.

China is a large country, and inefficiencies in energy transmission networks can add up to big losses by the time electricity reaches households and businesses. It is hoped that the new project, which is built in a remote resource-rich area, will help reduce transmission losses while contributing to the economic development of the area.

According to reports, Longyuan Power’s final goal is to install 33 sets of 96 meter 1500 kilowatts wind turbines over 312 acres in Tibet’s Nagqu County for a total capacity of 49.5 MW.

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