One traveling man in China has made his home part of his wardrobe by carrying a hand made shelter on his back like a snail. China News caught up with Liu Lingchao, a 38 year old man who makes his living selling plastic bottles and cans he collects from streets across China. Rather than constantly looking for shelter on his journeys, Lingchao has made a portable bamboo and plastic sheeting sleeping “shell” that he lugs from place to place, like a snail carrying its shell.

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The portable home is fashioned from a bamboo pole grid shell and covered with thick layers of plastic sheeting to help protect against the elements. The simple interior has an elevated platform for Lingchao’s bedding, as well as simple shelving around the perimeter for his day to day essentials such as cooking utensils, clothing and toiletries. The hut is small at five feet wide by seven feet tall, but it is large enough for the modern nomad to sleep comfortably.

Any given day, Lingchao can be found embarking on one of his 270 mile walks along the Chinese roadsides, picking up bottles and cans along the way. Although his handmade house is relatively light, it still weighs 132 pounds, making his speed very slow, which gained him the nickname “Snail Man.” Lingchao’s current bamboo hut is his fourth in five years.

Via China News

Images via China News