We’re no strangers to tiny homes, but these Chinese students just unveiled one of the smallest abodes we’ve ever seen! Developed as part of a school project at Yangzhou University, this locker-sized home fits a bed, a kitchen, a bathroom, and storage space within just 43 square feet of space. The students took half a year to design and construct the prototype and are currently seeking a patent on their designs.

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Although the students have not yet revealed what material they will use to construct the final design, the tiny house could conceivably be made from prefabricated materials and mass-produced to provide affordable housing for cash-strapped students, migrant workers, or even the homeless. The cuboid house–the structure measures 6.5 feet by 6.5 feet by 6.5 feet–was designed to test the limits of minimalism and was developed for individuals of smaller and shorter stature in mind.

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Designed for single-use occupancy, the small doorway only fits one person at a time. A narrow bed measuring 31.5 inches in width and a bedside table are located to the right of the door. A kitchen area with storage is located to the left. The European-style bathroom, which is equipped with a toilet and standing shower, is tucked behind the kitchen.

Via Xinhua News

Images via CFP视觉中国