The wildly popular Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) fast food chain is the first in the United States to voluntarily list all of the food on its menu that contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In an effort to promote transparency and eventually reduce its reliance on GMOs, the company started labeling its ingredients online this past March.

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Although Chipotle strives to use ingredients that are produced humanely and without pesticides within a 350 mile radius of its operations, company spokesman Chris Arnold told Business Week that it’s virtually impossible to become completely independent of America’s industrial food network. Consequently, just about everything on its menu either contains or comes into contact with GMOs.

The chicken is pasture-raised, but since it is cooked in genetically modified soybean oil, it gets a big fat “G”, and the same goes with the rest of its meat and veggies. Effective September, all taco fryers will be emptied of its soybean oil contents and filled with sunflower oil instead since no genetically modified sunflower oil exists on the market.

Despite their bold disclosure, Chris Arnold says that the company has not suffered any financial losses.

“If anything, it engenders more trust when you’re more forthcoming about the food you serve. Any downside there may be … is going to be eclipsed by the upside with being transparent,” he told Business Week.

While the firm is attempting to wean itself off GMOs, it acknowledges that a 100 percent GMO-free menu is probably not going to happen. And you won’t find the dirty list on their menu boards either.

Via Business Week

Images via Chipotle Facebook Page