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The building’s compact design and layout is coupled with an interesting shift in layers which gives the facade a kinetic effect. Separated into two volumes, one side accommodates 16 apartments surrounding a staircase with natural light, while the other side holds 23 apartments, a lift and a staircase. A basement also provides parking for the residents. Atelier O-S worked hard to meet the demands of the client (density, cost surfaces, simple organization of units), while ensuring that residents had access to outdoor space, privacy, and quality construction. Each apartment has several exposures and a balcony, which help draw in natural light, cross ventilation and views.

The exterior balconies and walkways are surrounded by large blue louvers that serve multiple purposes. The blades minimize overheating from the sun and protect the apartments from the elements like wind and rain. They also provide an increased level of privacy and create semi-enclosed spaces in the balconies, which can now double as outdoor living areas. Designed to respect the THPE 2010 objectives and the CERQUAL profile A certification, the CHL Social Housing complex makes use of increased thermal insulation, reduced thermal bridging, and solar passive design. Simply yet smartly designed, the project addresses sustainable development concerns within the urban context.

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