At the start of every Christmas season, environmentalists inevitably spark the real-versus-artificial tree debate. But this year, Chinese designers decided to take an entirely different approach to celebrate the holiday, crafting a huge tree from 1,000 Heineken bottles. The massive sculpture is currently providing some festive flair to Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China.

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Although the bottles provide the tree with its breathtaking green hue, the statue’s design is not so eco-friendly. Instead of diverting empties from the recycling bin and repurposing them, designers opted to use beer bottles to make the tree! We’re not quite sure why designers chose this material because we’re guessing it would’ve been just as easy to build the statue from the oodles of empties available.

For all you crafty types out there, perhaps a more environmentally sensitive (yet still impressive) project could be creating your own decorations from all the empty bottles of nog, wine, brews and spirits consumed during seasonal celebrations.